Death Row
Hi! Welcome to Death row forum pls regisyter and go to application and submit the following
1. Ign ( in game name)
2. Class
3. Availability
4. why you wanna join
5. forum name
6. what position you want such as : Brigade General ( leader) Officer
if one or two wants to be a leader there will be an election for it

i hope you enjoy youre stay

Death Row

death row is an asmodian legion on aion-empire we will start with a level 30 cap
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 Moonlightshadow's application.

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PostSubject: Moonlightshadow's application.   Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:44 pm

Woot 2nd application!
1. IGN - Silentstep
2. Class - Warrior gonna go for templar after update.
3. Availability - 7-8 hours at work days more on weekends, I have vent and skype so people can reach me if they need something.
4.Why do you wanna join? - So I can learn more about this game, become stronger, and have a good time with other people. (obviously boredom is another reason because playing by yourself isn't a very fun expirience)
5. Forum name - MoonlightShadow
6. What position do you want? - Second position or whichever is the one after Brigade General.
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Moonlightshadow's application.
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